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Exploring Home-School and Peer-Peer Cultural Value Mismatch Among Latinx First-Generation College Students During the Transition to College

This project was the first to explore the phenomena of home-school – conflict between interdependent family obligations and independent academic obligations, and peer-peer cultural value mismatch – conflict between the interdependent ideologies and behaviors of one peer and independent ideologies and behaviors of another peer, among Latinx first-generation college students (Vasquez-Salgado, Greenfield & Burgos-Cienfuegos, 2015; Burgos-Cienfuegos, Vasquez-Salgado, Ruedas-Gracia & Greenfield, 2015).

Focus groups were conducted with Latinx students towards the end of their first year of college. It was discovered that both forms of mismatch were prevalent among this group and played a negative role in their subjective sense of health (i.e., mental, physical distress) and academic outcomes (i.e., inability to concentrate or study, poor grades).

Research Area:

  • Cultural and Developmental Psychology
  • Education

Start Date:

2012 - 2014


Patricia M. Greenfield


  • University of California Institute for Mexico and the United States (UC-MEXUS)
  • UCLA Eugene Cota-Robles FellowshipEducation
  • UCLA Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Program