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Augmented Reality Milk Flow

This project evaluates how augmented reality can be used as an intervention while a mother is using a breast pump to express milk.

Pumping is necessary to provide nourishment (breast milk in bottle) and to maintain a healthy milk supply when away from their baby (e.g., work; personal reasons; travel). Though pumping is important, it can be very isolating and a thankless chore. Pumping mothers make their schedule around their pump schedule. Some mothers have stated that they feel like they are tied to their pump.

Through a customizable and immersive augmented reality application, a mother may find more enjoyment and motivation compared to her usual pumping experience. One of the purposes is to measure the volume (ml) and efficiency (volume (ml) x pumping time (mins). Further, changes in salivary biomarkers (e.g., those involved with inflammation/stress, cardiovascular health, etc.) after control and intervention sessions will be assessed.

Dr. Thomas Chan is providing expertise on augmented reality.

Dr. Yolanda Vasquez-Salgado is providing expertise on salivary data collection protocol.

Dr. Claudia Toledo-Corral is providing expertise on biometric data collection protocol.

Research Area:

  • Lactation
  • Breast Pumping
  • Maternal and Infant Health

Start Date:

TBD: resubmitting IRB protocol


Jessica Diggs CPM, LM