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Zero to Online

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Zero to Online

June 15-25, 2020 [CLOSED]

August 10-20, 2020 [CLOSED]

1:00pm - 4:00pm

Stipend: $1,200

The Zero to Online nine-session series will help any faculty member who wants to know how to use the core technology to teach in a virtual environment. This series covers everything from logging in for the first time, to grading your students, and all points in-between. The nine synchronous sessions require daily attendance over the course of two weeks. There will be a time commitment to work on your skills independently between sessions, so please be sure you have the time to commit to each day of this series.


Day 1: Orientation, Accessing Canvas, Tour of the system, Updating the Biography, Updating the Profile Picture, Announcements, changing photo and color for course in the Dashboard, and favoriting items

Day 2: Uploading files, Creating a Module, Adding Items to Modules

Day 3: Logging into Zoom, Downloading the App, Creating Zoom Meetings, Adding Zoom to Canvas

Day 4: Tour of Zoom, Hosting a Zoom Meeting, Engagement, Live Activities, Backgrounds

Day 5: Recording, Sharing Recordings, Module external tool, Pre-recorded lecture

Day 6: Discussions, Surveys, Assignments

Day 7: Quizzes, Feedback, Canvas Insights

Day 8: Grading, Student View

Day 9: Portfolium, Canvas Teacher App, Show and Tell


  • Upload Profile picture and create a welcome statement
  • Upload syllabus and share in a module
  • Log into Zoom using SSO, Download the app
  • Create a poll or other live engagement activity
  • Record a welcome video on Zoom and share in Canvas
  • Create one of each: Assignment, Discussion and Survey
  • Create a quiz with three or more question types
  • Take your own assessments via the student view and provide yourself grades
  • Provide Feedback using Speed Grader