College of HHD



University Level Information

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Department provides assistance to students who are seeking information about financial support, including scholarship opportunities (on and off-campus) as well financial assistance programs.

It is important to understand the terms of your scholarship and the way funding works in conjunction with student loans, how funding is received, and how specific scholarships are to be used. Be sure to explore the CSUN Financial Aid and Scholarship Department website thoroughly.

Also, look for opportunities on CSUN Academic Works where you can search by keywords.  If you don't find scholarship opportunities for your academic department, please be aware not all scholarship opportunities are listed. Please also check the scholarships listings below.

College and Department Level Information

Scholarships are also offered at the college level, with their own applications, deadlines and eligibility requirements. 

The following academic departments host scholarship-specific pages:

Several departments offer scholarships that are specific to the major or academic programs. Please contact the departments directly for further information.