College of HHD

  • students present a poster at the EOH Symposium
  • Nursing students in practice lab
  • csun students and school children enjoying fitness activity
  • CSUN TRENDS student fashion show
  • kinesiology students work on calculations at the whiteboard
  • students at commencement

Risk Management Information

Internships, travel, and other campus activities that take place off campus require specific knowledge about your responsibilities to your students and their safety as well as your own.

Please familiarize yourself with the information linked from this page and make sure you have the appropriate forms on file with the dean's office and/or the university before you travel or send your student interns to assignments off campus.

College of Health and Human Development Policies for International Travel with Students

University Risk Managment Policies, Information, and Forms

University Service Learning (Community Engagement)

At the CSU Level