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Faculty Openings

Full-Time Faculty Openings

None at this time

Part-Time Faculty Openings

Review the Position Announcement Here: RTM Spring 2023 Part-Time Position Announcement

The department is seeking instructors for the following courses for the spring 2023 semester:

  • RTM 151C Winter Mountaineering
  • RTM 151D Flatwater Boating
  • RTM 151H Caving
  • RTM 265 Water Skiing and Wakeboarding
  • RTM 267/L Sailing and Lab 
  • RTM 306 Leadership Coaching 
  • RTM 480 Recreational Tourism: Issues and Trends 
  • RTM 481 Principles of Sustainable Tourism 
  • RTM 500 Foundations in Hospitality, Tourism, Recreation 
  • RTM 610 Sustainability in Hospitality and Tourism 

 Applicants must submit:

1. A current curriculum vitae (CV) or résumé that chronicles your educational background, prior teaching experience, evidence of scholarship, and/or related professional experience

2. A completed application

  • Rank the classes you believe you are qualified to teach in order of interest in the far left column. Then, under each heading to the right of the course, mark the appropriate box(es) to indicate you have evidence that supports your ability to teach the class at the college level. Describe the evidence further in your cover letter (see below).

3. A cover letter further describing specific evidence provided on the CV/resume that supports the applicant’s selections on the application form 

  • For example, if an applicant applies for RTM 480 and also checks that s/he/they have taken classes or taught classes that are relevant to teaching RTM 480, the applicant should describe the class(es) taken/ taught in the cover letter and not simply list the courses taken/taught. 
  • If so inclined, please also indicate times you are unavailable for teaching assignments

4. A University Applicant Flow Form which must be submitted directly from the applicant to Equity and Diversity

  • Do not submit this form as part of your application. It is a confidential document. We cannot submit it to Equity and Diversity on your behalf and the department should not have access to it. 

Application, CV, and any other supporting documentation should be emailed to

All materials must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 7, 2022.

The manner of hiring for part-time teaching assignments is as follows: 

  • Candidates apply to be considered to teach specific courses.
  • The review committee rates each candidate as acceptable or unacceptable to teach a course based on evidence provided in CV and cover letter, previous evaluations (if applicable), and/or additional materials as required. Acceptable applicants become part of the pool eligible to teach that specific course.
  • Part time teaching assignments are made according to the procedures outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement for CSU Faculty. The Department Chair will contact you if an appropriate teaching assignment is available.