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Promotional Materials Guidelines

Guidelines for Creating Promotional Materials
for the College, Departments, Centers, Institutes and Programs

Keep messaging and branding cohesive across campus. When creating web-pages, online newsletters, fliers, brochures, and other promotional materials, please follow the guidelines in the new and updated CSUN Graphics Standards Manual on the new CSUN Identity Guide.  Take some time to get familiar with the guidelines. 

The new site has information on everything from use of CSUN colors to copy tone and use of photography.  There are guidelines for social media, video presentations and more.  www/

College of Health and Human Development:

Notes on other areas of our comunications:

Web One Calendaring is here!  The CSUN IT Training page leads to video tutorials showing you how to add a calendar to your site in Web One and share public events with other departments, as well as the college and CSUN calendars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Always keep in mind that your materials represent the college and the university. Here's a checklist:

  • proof for grammar and spelling
  • take an objective look for appropriate use of images
  • proof for accuracy of content
  • Make sure you're using appropriate terminology and using correct titles of courses, programs, options, majors, departments and college/university entities.
  • Let common sense be your guide to projecting a presence that is positive and culturally aware.

Q: Do I have to go through HHD to get my information to University Marketing and Communications?

A: No, but we ask to be in the loop. Please cc me,  whenever sending information to Marketing and Communications, for any press release, or publication. And remember, if you have an event coming up that is open to the public, have your department or center web publisher put it on the calendar and generate requests to other campus areas.

Q: Do I have to get approval from the dean's office before publication?

A: If you aren't sure whether your document is ready for publication, please contact me at extension 7127, or send an email to .

Q: Can I abbreviate the name of the college?

A: Please write out the name of the college on promotional materials and in webpages. If you are abbreviating the name of the college in a memo or note, refer to it as "HHD" rather than "CHHD" to keep use consistent.

And remember: when in doubt, consult the CSUN Identity Guide.

Universal Design (also known as ADA compliance for websites):
Each department's web publisher keeps department sites up to date and is responsible for keeping the sites user friendly.  Web One is structured to make this easy, so don't try to "break the template" and you should be okay. If you have questions, the CSUN Universal Design Center has tutorials, information, and the latest news to keep you in compliance.

Thank you!

Jean O'Sullivan 818-677-7127 
Public Affairs/Communications Specialist
College of Health and Human Development

Updated: Spring, 2015