Physical Therapy

  • CSUN PT Gait Lab, PT Students in Nicaragua and in Vietnam

    Department of Physical Therapy

  • ECLIPSE 2016


  • Kristy Stupar Tyler Physical Therapy Scholarship

    Kristy Stupar Tyler Physical Therapy Scholarship

  • 2023 Dodgers/Campanella Scholarship Recipients

    2023 Dodgers/Campanella Scholarship Recipients


With the help of generous sponsors, the department hosts an annual gathering called Exercise Community Living in Prosthetics and Supporting Everyone (ECLIPSE). This gathering is host to several types of events which include:

  • Pro bono physical therapy student clinic
  • Mutual Amputee Aid Foundation (MAAF) support group meetings
  • Annual symposium for health care providers and community members living in prosthetics

For more information, visit the CSUN ECLIPSE site.