Physical Therapy

  • CSUN PT Gait Lab, PT Students in Nicaragua and in Vietnam

    Department of Physical Therapy

  • ECLIPSE 2016


  • Kristy Stupar Tyler Physical Therapy Scholarship

    Kristy Stupar Tyler Physical Therapy Scholarship

  • 2023 Dodgers/Campanella Scholarship Recipients

    2023 Dodgers/Campanella Scholarship Recipients

Clinical Education

Clinical education provides opportunities for students to develop professional and competency skills in collaboration with patients, clinicians, administrators, and healthcare professionals.  Clinical Internships are designed to support instructive course work and enrich student professional development.

Our Clinical Education Internship Experience are completed during the Summer semester.

PT 794/I: Clinical Education I

1st year- 6 weeks

PT 796/I: Clinical Education II

2nd year- 12 weeks

PT 798/I: Clinical Education III

3rd year- 12 weeks