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Greetings from HHD

Welcome to the College of Health and Human Development (HHD).

Our academic departments and programs and community focused centers, are where we improve personal and family development, increase wellness, reach out for early intervention, and help prevent or address trauma and injury. We promote health and health care and strengthen understanding of nutrition, physical activity and recreation and the roles they play in our lives. We improve environments--from homes and workplaces to the water and air quality of our planet.

Faculty and Advising Staff help students stay on course and can open doors to mentoring opportunities. The real-world experience students get from service learning, internships, and community engagement, leads to a graduation day enriched with a boost of professional confidence. We help each other thrive through diversity, curiosity, academic development, community engagement, and professionalism.

The process of earning an academic degree is transformational, and we in the College of Health and Human Development at CSUN are excited about the opportunities you’ll find with us.

Explore and get to know CSUN HHD.

Contact Us:

Mechelle Best, Interim Dean

interim dean mechelle bestMechelle Best
Interim Dean

Dimitri Tamalis, Associate Dean

dimitri tamalisDimitri Tamalis 
Associate Dean

Todd Oberson, Director of Finance and Operations

todd oberson

Todd Oberson
Director of Finance and Operations

Lorena Calix, Schedule of Classes (SOC) and College HR Specialist

lorena calix

Lorena Calix
SOC and College HR Specialist

Susan Ghaemi, Assistant to the Dean

susan ghaemi

Susan Ghaemi
Assistant to the Dean

Miguel Hernandez, Graduation and Retention Advising Specialist

miguel hernandez

Miguel Hernandez
Graduation & Retention Advising Specialist

John LaFreniere, IT Consultant

john lafreniere
John LaFreniere
IT Consultant
tech-email or tech-web

Peggy Lin, Assistant to the Director of Development

Peggy Lin
Assistant to the Director of Development

Li-Chao Lu, Financial Operations Lead Analyst

li-chao lu

Li-Chao Lu
Financial and Operations Lead Analyst


Joanne Moreno, Graduation and Retention Advising Specialist

joanne moreno

Joanne Moreno
Graduation & Retention Advising Specialist

Jean O'Sullivan, Public Affairs, Communications Specialist

jeanosullivanJean O'Sullivan

Public Affairs, Communications Specialist

John Pepitone, Director of Development

john pepitone

John Pepitone
Director of Development

Jonathan Sievert, IT Consultant

jonathan sievert

Jonathan Sievert
IT Consultant
tech-email or tech-web

Geoff Stocker, Facilities Coordinator

geoff stocker

Geoff Stocker
Facilities Coordinator

Rebecca Tucker, Assistant to the Associate Dean

rebecca tucker

Rebecca Tucker
Assistant to the Associate Dean