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School Nurse Credential Curriculum Requirements

Requirements for the School Nurse Credential 

COMD 496NS Audiometry and Hearing Conservation for School Nurses (3)

FCS 330 Child Growth and Development I (3) or FCS 431 Child Growth and Development II (3)

HSCI 170/L Emergency Health Procedures (2)

HSCI 336 Health Aspects of Drug Abuse (3)

HSCI 337 Nutrition and Health (3)

HSCI 353 Fundamentals of Environmental Health (3)

HSCI 433 Counseling of Health Problems (3)

NURS 475** Principles of School Nursing Practice (3)

NURS 476** School Nurse Field Experience (6)

HSCI 488 Epidemiology, Study of Disease (3)

NURS 306 Supportive/Educative Nursing System (3) (Recommended)  or HSCI 435 Health Sciences for Children and Youth (3)

NURS 307 Health Assessment in Self-Care Agency (2)*

NURS 307L Health Assessment in Self-Care Agency Lab (1)*

NURS 428 Community Health Nursing (3)

NURS 428L Community Health Nursing Lab (2)*

SPED 508 Special Education Training for Teachers (4) or SPED 400 Introduction to Special Education (3)

*Must be taken concurrently. 

**NURS 475 is the first course in curriculum and 476 is the exit course. Both must be taken at CSUN as an admitted credential student. 

It is recommended but not required that students take both NURS 428 and 428L. NURS 428L is required only for the California Public Health Nursing Certificate and must be taken concurrently with NURS 428. If only NURS 428 is taken, students must repeat NURS 428 if they later choose to take 428L. Students should notify the School Nurse Credential advisor 1 semester in advance of when they plan to take the course to assure availability of clinical placement.

Candidates for this Credential must complete 12 semester units in CSUN courses, meet the required GPA, hold a Preliminary School Nurse Credential and have 2 years of successful service as a school nurse. See Health Sciences Department section of the Catalog for course descriptions (e.g., HSCI 170/L).