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Health Services Credential Program: School Nurse Services Program

Important Notice: The School Nurse Program has been suspended until further notice and is no longer accepting new students. If you are a current student in this program, please contact the chair of the Nursing Department, Dr. Marianne Hattar-Pollara ( ; office phone 818-677-5591).

This credential may be issued to the qualified R.N. who holds a baccalaureate degree. A fifth year of study (24-unit minimum) is required for a Professional (Ryan) School Nurse Credential. A minimum of 12 units of course work is required in residence at CSUN (regular session, extension, concurrent enrollment or summer session). NURS 475 and NURS 476 must be taken after formal admission to CSUN as a School Nurse Credential student and cannot be taken through the College of Extended Learning.

For information, please refer to Credential office section of this catalog (Health Services Credential Authorizing Services as a School Nurse). Immediately upon acceptance at CSUN, all students must meet with the nursing faculty to have their academic records evaluated and to plan an individualized program that will meet state standards for the School Nurse Credential. School Nurse Credential students are responsible for keeping abreast of all requirements applicable to their desired credential, including requirements specified in the CSUN catalog under Credential Program requirements. This includes the requirement that courses must be completed within seven calendar years of the student admission date.