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Community College Collaboratives

The ADN-BSN Pathway Program is a collaborative model for academic progression in Nursing that links CSUN with designated California Community College (CC) partners. This program enables the ADN student to earn a BSN degree in just over 2 1/2 years from starting the program. This enables a significant increase to access and the capacity to advance more BSN-prepared RNs into the nursing workforce.

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CSUN Nursing is currently partnered with the following schools:


Application Information

Application to the CSUN Collaborative program requires completion of 3 separate applications. 

2018 ADN - BSN CSUN - Community College Collaborative Application: Collaborative Supplemental Application (opens a surveymonkey page) 

1st Application: Community College ADN Program. Please contact the Community College Nursing program for their specific application deadlines and requirements.

2nd Application: California State University Northridge online application is available October 1 to November 30 by accessing:

3rd Application: The Department of Nursing ONLINE APPLICATION (opens a surveymonkey application) Applications must be received by December 30th.

 The Department anticipates notifying applicants about their status around March 30th.