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Accelerated BSN Curriculum Requirements

1. Prerequisite Courses 

Any of the following (*) courses or their equivalents that were completed as part of the first degree program within the past 7 years do not need to be repeated. Course equivalencies can be checked at or with the help of an advisor.

BIO 211/212 Human Anatomy and Lab (2/1)*

BIOL 215/L Introductory Microbiology and Lab (2/1)*

BIOL 281/282 Human Physiology and Lab (3/1)*

CHEM 103 General Chemistry and Lab (4)*

MATH 140 Introductory Statistics (3)

Critical Thinking (3)

Oral Communication (3)

Written Communication (3)

2. Required Courses for the Accelerated BSN Program 

NURS 302 Basic Pathophysiology (3)

NURS 307/L Health Assessment and Clinical lab (2/1)

NURS 310 Nursing Research (3)

NURS 315 Pharmacology and Self-Care Agency (2)

NURS 318/L Introduction to Professional Nursing and Clinical lab (3/4)

NURS 319 Effective Communications in Professional Nursing (2)

NURS 321/AL Adult/Aged Medical Surgical Nursing and Clinical Lab (4/8)

NURS 321BL Nursing Care of Older Adults Lab (1)

NURS 426 Nursing Systems Issues and Ethics (3)

NURS 427/L Dynamics of Nursing Leadership and Clinical Lab (3/2)

NURS 428/L Community Health Nursing and Clinical Lab (3/2)

NURS 430/L Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing and Clinical Lab (2/1)

NURS 443/L Nursing Care of Children and Clinical Lab (2/1.5)

NURS 444/L Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family and Clinical Lab (2/1.5)

HSCI 488 Epidemiology: Study of Disease (3) [may be taken prior to entering ABSN Program]

Total Units in the Major 56
GE Units fulfilled as part of original B.A./B.S. 6
Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam (UDWPE)
Total Units Required beyond Original B.A./B.S. 62