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Academic Programs

Overview of Nursing Programs at CSUN

CSUN Nursing programs offer a variety of options for students who are not yet an RN and wish to become one, as well as existing RNs who would like to enhance their education through a BSN, Public Health Nursing Certificate (PHN), or a School Nurse Credential.

Community College-CSUN ADN-BSN Collaborative Program

California State University Northridge has partnered with area community colleges to offer a valuable new program. Students start with a California Community College associate degree in nursing (ADN) and complete a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN) at CSUN. More about the Community College Collaboratives.

Public Health Nurse Certificate

Section 2818(a) of the Business and Professions Code requires that in order to be employed as a public health nurse or use the term “public health nurse” in California, an individual must possess a valid California Public Health Nurse (PHN) Certificate. The CSUN Nursing Program curriculum is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing to prepare eligible applicants for certification in public health nursing in California. More about Public Health Nurse Certification.


The RN to BSN degree program is designed specifically for the RN who wishes to enhance his or her education with a bachelor degree.

Accelerated BSN

The Accelerated BSN program is currently in transition.  Read the message from Dean Farrell J. Webb about the status of the program.  Program overview: The A-BSN is a cohort-based 15 month program designed for the student who is not currently an RN. Students are required to have already earned a Bachelors degree prior to applying to this program.

School Nurse Credential

Important Notice: The School Nurse Program has been suspended until further notice and is no longer accepting new students. Program overview: The School Nurse Credential Program would offer courses required for the Ryan School Nurse Credential (Health Services Credential Authorizing Services as a School Nurse).  When in place, the program would suit school nurses who are Registered Nurses with a baccalaureate degree.