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Public Health Alum Lt. Vanessa Davies: Set the Standards High and Achievable

September 20, 2022

Lt. Vanessa DaviesLieutenant Vanessa Davies is an alum of Health Sciences/Public Health ('17). She keeps in touch with faculty here and reached out to let them know she was just named Assistant Health Service Officer, United states Public Health Commissioned Corps, United State Public Health Service Department of Homeland Security, Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE). As Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Officer she is in one of the seven Uniformed Services of the United States. 

We asked her to tell her story:

My CSUN experience was amazing. I considered myself very fortunate to have met with great public health faculty and mentors. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health in May 2017, and a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) - Community Health Education, in December 2019. I obtained a Certification in Grant Writing and Administration from California State University Dominguez Hills and a Certification in Disease Outbreaks in Low- and Middle-Income Countries from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. I am currently completing my Doctoral Studies for a PhD. Epidemiology at Walden University. I enjoy knowledge acquisition in the field of Public Health. I am ready to serve in research and treatment and in the silent war against diseases--for humanity!

I once lived in West Africa Sierra Leone where my passion for public health sprung. Public health means everything to me. I recall being sick from mosquito bites that cause malaria and became aware of the public health challenges in our community. I witnessed the anguish and frustration associated with accessing health care resources. As a result, I became inspired to make significant contributions in public health. My main focus is to serve, protect, maintain, and elevate the health and safety of various communities.

Today I am an Active Duty Commissioned Officer, a Lieutenant in the United States Public Health Commissioned Corps (USPHS), one of the nation’s seven uniformed services--a branch committed to the service of health.

I joined this service as a Facility Healthcare Program Manager, and my work is centered around health care compliance and accreditation, quality improvement and control, risk management, environmental safety and infection prevention. I assure continuous facility operations and prevent disruptions that could adversely affect the facility’s smooth operations. I comply with healthcare directives and policies.Lt. Vanessa Davies

I enjoy working in my current position and being able to utilize my prior skills-set, knowledge and vast public health experience in becoming successful.

Prior to commissioning, I worked as a Contractor: Program Analyst Vaccination Strike Team for the California Department of Public Health and served as a Public Health Investigator across various departments within the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. These departments include Outbreak Management Branch- Disease Control, Acute Communicable Disease Control Program (ACDC)-COVID-19 Death Surveillance Team and the Case and Contact Interview Branch (CCIB). Prior to that, I was an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic Case Manager and Wellness Instructor at an Out-patient Mental Health Clinic in Los Angeles.

For all undergraduate and graduate students: always look for opportunities to grow--set the standards high and achievable. Do not limit yourself. Be organized to elevate stress and moreover, stay relevant and engaged on professional networking platforms. Seek mentoring and academic advice to your professors. Above all demonstrate professionalism and be ethical.

Once a Matador, always a Matador!





Lt. Vanessa Davies with Jean O'Sullivan