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Provost Mary Beth Walker Interviews CDS Faculty Michael Biel

November 29, 2021

Communication Disorders and Sciences/Speech-Language Pathology faculty Michael Biel is also a CSUN alum (MS, 1993) who went on to get his doctorate and who, since 2012, has been teaching at CSUN. He works primarily with clients with aphasia, which is a disconnect between thought and expression. He helps them to bring communication back to their lives as much as possible through therapy and an "Aphasia Book Club" he and his wife, who is a librarian, initiated separately from his work at CSUN. Michael's book club has grown from a local in-person group to including members nationwide since moving to Zoom during the pandemic. 

The CSUN Language, Speech, and Hearing Center (LSHC) also has a book club for persons with Aphasia which presents opportunities for students to enroll for clinical training in the Center. 

Michael was interviewed recently by CSUN Provost, Mary Beth Walker:

Provost Walker Interviews Dr. Michael Biel from Hazel Kochocki on Vimeo.

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