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Mirna Troncoso Sawyer Receives CSUN Diversity & Equity Innovation Grant

November 29, 2021

mirna sawyerHealth Sciences faculty Mirna Troncoso Sawyer has had her proposal accepted for funding by the CSUN 2021-22 Diversity & Equity Innovation Grant Program, among twelve projects selected campus-wide. Sawyer's project is "Highlighting Our Original Stewards: To make visible the knowledge, resilience, and strength of the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians (Tataviam) through curated moments and designed installations at CSUN.”

Sawyer will be working with collaborators Richard Cardona (manager, The Oasis), Kristin King (faculty, FCS), Jasmine Martinez (student FCS), Jose Paez (Faculty, social work), Nicole Blalock (faculty, AIS), Scott Andrews (faculty, AIS), David Boyns (Director, Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing), Cassidy Butow (Staff, Institute for Community Health and Wellbeing), Isaacmichael Ybarra (student, AIS), and Jesus Alvarez (Tataviam Land Conservancy).

About the Grant Program:

The Diversity & Equity Innovation Grant (DEIG) was established to support educational projects, scholarly research, creative activities and other programmatic initiatives that promote diversity, equity and inclusion, anti-racism and social justice for the benefit of the CSUN community.

The Grant is administered by the President’s Cabinet in collaboration with the President’s Commission on Diversity & Inclusion. The Commission establishes the operating guidelines for the use of the monies awarded, develops procedures for implementing the guidelines, and selects grant recipients. The Office of Diversity & Inclusion provides administrative oversight to support the Diversity & Equity Innovation Grant.

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