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Janet Reagan Named to First Cohort of AUPHA Hall of Fame

May 21, 2019

The CSUN degree program in Health Administration, offered through the Department of Health Sciences, provides the undergraduate student a comprehensive curriculum of study. Elective courses permit specialization in various health care delivery systems such as hospitals, nursing homes and managed care systems. The program is accredited by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA). About AUPHA.

As a representative of the Board of Directors of AUPHA, Brian Malec, Health Sciences faculty (and former Chair) delivered the following address to the membership in honor of Health Sciences emeritus faculty, Janet Reagan. 

janet reagan and brian malecLeft: Janet Reagan with Brian Malec

In 2018, AUPHA celebrated its 70th birthday, in celebration, we have created the Hall of Fame, and we published a book entitled “Looking Back to Look Forward: AUPHA at 70”. 

Recently I had the honor of presenting a certificate to Dr. Janet Reagan recognizing her as a member of the first cohort inducted into the AUPHA Hall of Fame.  The AUPHA Hall of Fame recognizes those academic leaders who have had significant influence and impact on AUPHA and the field of health administration education during their careers.  Dr. Janet Reagan’s contribution to AUPHA are extensive and include over 40 years AUPHA membership and involvement at AUPHA meetings with extensive annual meeting participation.  She served as Chair of the AUPHA Board of Directors from 1998 through 1999 and published articles in the Journal of Health Administration Education.

In 2014, she received the Filerman Prize for Educational Leadership The Filerman Prize was established to honor Gary L. Filerman, PhD, the first president of AUPHA, for his many years of service to the Association and healthcare management education. “The Prize recognizes individuals from AUPHA member programs who have made outstanding contributions to the field of healthcare management education, who have exhibited leadership in the field, and who have enriched their institutions, their students, and healthcare management education through their work.”

It was noted in her Filerman Prize Award that Dr. Reagan has been, “influential in our industry and actually a pioneer in championing the legitimacy of healthcare management undergraduate education and the establishment of its high quality standards through AUPHA”.  She was the guest editor in 1990 of a Special Issue of the Journal of Health Administration Education on “Undergraduate Education in Health Administration”.

Dr. Reagan has made significant contributions to the field of healthcare management education through her involvement with AUPHA since 1976 with over forty years of service. She was also active the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE).

Janet Reagan earned her PhD in Psychology from Vanderbilt University, worked in research and evaluation before joining the Department of Health Systems Management at Tulane University (1974-1977), and later joined the Health Administration Program at California State University, Northridge as a lecturer in 1978 and Assistant Professor in 1980.  Prior to retirement, she served as the Graduate Coordinator for the Master of Science in Health Administration and shared her expertise is in the areas of research design and evaluation, quality improvement, and human resources management. In addition to her service as with AUPHA, she was a member of the Committee on Higher Education of the American College of Healthcare Executives and worked extensively with other professional associations.

Since joining CSUN, Dr. Reagan has provided outstanding leadership in support of both undergraduate and graduate health administration education.  Her over thirty-five years of service at CSUN included positions as Program Director of the Health Administration Program and Graduate Coordinator for over twenty years,

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Brian Malec/HHD Health Sciences Professor and Former Chair