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EOH Symposium Draws Record Number of Alumni

March 17, 2014

Rising energy costs and increased awareness among the public are finally starting to force global leaders to research alternatives and provide funding to develop renewable energy production.  The 9th Annual Environmental and Occupational Health Technical Symposium brought together scientists, industry professionals, government consultants, policy experts and students to consider the impact of energy alternatives on our health and environment.

attentive audience

Issues like global warming and urban impacts naturally bring up concerns about pollution and consumption. Participants at the Environmental and Occupational Health Technical Symposium considered not only the need for change, but the environmental challenges that will accompany large-scale changes to various forms of renewable energy production. 

A stellar line up of speakers for the event kept the promise of an engaging and informative day. Speakers included:

  • Antonio Machado, PhD, REHS, CSUN EOH faculty with expertise in molecular toxicology and teratology;
  • Mark Gold, PhD, Associate Director of the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability;
  • Richard Joseph Jackson, MD, MPH, FAAP, Professor and Chair of Environmental Health Sciences, Fielding School of Public Health, UCLA;
  • James G. Dahlgren, MD, who specializes in identifying and treating toxin based illnesses, researcher, consultant;
  • Brano Galuza, Trade Tech faculty, designer, builder of solar labs;
  • Brett Koontz, MS, REHS, DPA; National Environmental Health Association and American Society for Public Administration;
  • Robert Fortunato, President, ForStrategy Consulting;
  • Angelo Bellomo, REHHS, QEP, Director of Environmental Health for the Department of Public Health, Los Angeles, County.

Proceeds from the EOH Technical symposium are used to promote student educational events, scholarships and the Department of EOH.

More than 235 students, faculty and alumni attended. The event was co-sponsored by the Environmental and Occupational Health Alumni Chapter and Alumni Chapter President Bob Finkelstein and brought together scientists, physicians, industry professionals, government consultants and policy experts to consider energy alternatives. The symposium was a team effort with the Alumni Chapter, the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, the EOH Student Association, CSUN Alumni Relations, and the College of Health and Human Development. See the photo essay in CSUN Today.