Sport Studies Seminar Series


 6 May Douglas McLaughlin, (California State University Northridge)

 ‘On the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup ‘Turf War’”

 30 September Ashley Samson, (California State University Northridge)

 ‘Think-Aloud: Studying the minds of distance runners’

 28 October Jose Alamillo, (California State University Channel Islands)

 ‘Mexican American Women in Sports and their Struggle for Gender Equality’


 24 February Jacob Jensen, (California State University Northridge)

 ‘Transitional Period in Sport: A Qualitative Inquiry using Ethnographic Methods’

 14 March Rook Campbell, University of Southern California

 ‘Sport Integrity: Regulation and Monetization’

 31 March David Goldblatt, Visiting Professor, Pitzer College, Los Angeles and Honorary Fellow International Centre for History and Culture of Sport, De Montford University, United Kingdom

 ‘“The worst preparations ever?” Getting Ready for Rio 2016’

 20 April Adam Berg, Pennsylvania State University

 Denver ’76: How Colorado Defeated the Olympic Games

 28 April CSUN Symposium: Latina/os, Representation and Sport

 Holly Cashman (University of New Hampshire) and Chase Wesley Raymond (University of California, Los Angeles)

 ‘Gender and Authority in Broadcast Soccer Discourse’

 Samuel Regalado (California State University Stanislaus)

 ‘Latino Big Leaguers: Invisible No More’

 Jose Alamillio (California State University Channel Islands)

 ‘In the Game: Mexican American Sportswomen and their Struggle for Recognition’

 29 September Greg Andranovich (California State University Los Angeles)

 ‘Olympic City Los Angeles: An Exploration of the Urban Imaginary’

 10 October Dan Durbin (Director, USC Annenberg Institute of Sports, Media and Society)

 ‘How Sports Work: The Nature of Contemporary Sports and Why They Compel Us’

 26 October George Kioussis (California State University Northridge)

 ‘Bethlehem Steal: Soccer, Retro Marketing, and Historicity in the Lehigh Valley’


 20 February Toby C. Rider (California State University Fullerton)

 ‘Presenting America Through Sport: The U.S. Government Counters the Soviet Sports Offensive’

 15 March Paula Thomson and Vicky Jaque (California State University Northridge)

 ‘The Psychophysiology of Creativity and Stress in Performing Artists and Athletes’

 5 April Courtney Cox (USC Annenberg Doctoral Student, University of Southern California)

 ‘“The Quietest Professional Sports League in the United States”: Exploring the Problems and Potential of the WNBA’

 19 October Jonny Coleman (Los Angeles based writer and organizer)

 ‘The Olympic Disaster: Dissecting the State of Exception, Militarization, and Displacement of the Games’

 25 October Ben Carrington (USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, University of Southern California)

 ‘Forgivable Whiteness: Sport, Race and the Last of the Great White Hopes’


21 February Adam Amel Rogers, (University of Southern California, Annenberg Norman Lear Center)

‘Sports and the LGBTQ Experience’

14 March Rudy Mondragón, (University of California Los Angeles, Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies Doctoral Student)

‘There’s a Drama To It: Race, Space, and Expressive Culture in Boxing’

18 April Prof Jennifer Doyle, (University of California, Riverside, Department of English)

‘Institutional Violation: Sexual Violence, Sex Segregation and Sports’

27 September Julianna Kirschner, (University of Southern California School of Communication Management)

‘Sports and Critical Observation: How Rules-Based Spaces Transform into Platforms and Protest.’ 

Thursday 25 October 2-3pm in Redwood Hall 159

Dr. Andrew D.  Linden, Department of Kinesiology, California State University Northridge

‘Beyond Desegregation: From Breaking Barriers to Struggles for Social Justice in the Pro Gridiron Game, 1946-2018’

Thursday 29 November 2-3pm in Redwood Hall 159

Dr. Jorge Moraga, Interdisciplinary Studies, California State University Bakersfield

‘On Fútbol Americano! NFL México, Sport Media, and Transnational Latino Fandom.’