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Shane Frehlich (In Memoriam)

We are sorry to report that CSUN's Faculty Senate President, Associate Chair, and Professor of Kinesiology Shane Frehlich has passed away after a struggle with leukemia.

As a kinesiology professor and department chair at California State University, Northridge, Shane has shaped countless minds and helped guide students towards fulfilling, successful careers. He was also the president of the Faculty Senate and a dedicated member of the university. He carried this love and dedication to his family and friends beyond the university community. He cared deeply for others as a husband, father, son, and colleague. Shane was an eternal optimist devoted to the greater good. He touched us all. Please click here to know more about Shane's story. 


Testimonials from Faculty & Staff

I will miss Shane's smooth baritone, his easy smile, his youthful wisdom, his ability to temper impetuosity, and ultimately his leadership. Steve Estes

I worked at CSUN as a full-time faculty member from 2011 to 2013. At the time I was hired, Shane was the department's chair, and one of the main reasons that I took the job. From the first time he picked me up from LAX for my interview to the time I left, I never felt anything but supported by Shane. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to work with him as much as I would have liked, but he was a fantastic mentor and friend during my brief time in Northridge. As I struggled with my decision about whether to stay, Shane was a frequent confidant. When I informed him that I would be moving back to Utah for family reasons, he sighed and said. "Two years ago I would have said you were crazy, but now I totally understand." Shane understood the importance of family over career. After that, he promptly offered me the opportunity to stay a part of the CSUN family by hiring me as a part-time online instructor. A job I continue today thanks to Shane. On one of the last occasions I spent time with Shane, we were with some other faculty at a local restaurant near CSUN. I was to be moving the next week, and Shane was kind enough to present a toast. He said, "To Nick Galli, a gentleman, a scholar, and a helluva teacher." I could have easily said the same of him. Shane was a loving father and husband, an accomplished administrator, and a good friend. He will surely be missed by all of those who had the pleasure of coming in contact with him. Nick Galli

Testimonials from Students

May your soul REST IN PEACE Dr. Frehlich! Your kind heart and bright smile will surely be missed. Thank you for being a great mentor and superb educator. Treasured in my heart you'll stay, until we meet again some day - Anonymous

Professor Frehlich was one of my very first professors when I started my Bachelor's degree at CSUN back in 2009. I remember being anxious and apprehensive about the new world of University and more so, Kinesiology, but he did an amazing job from the first minute of class to ease all concern. He walked in, with his chipper step, greeted the class and I just knew he was going to be a great professor and one I'd remember along the journey. He was my first impression of CSUN and he left a great one at that. He was free spirited, easy to talk to and always made everything look seamless and effortless. I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to going to class. Always smiling, he had a way of reaching the vulnerable and "scared" new population of students in the program. His wife and three kids should take comfort in knowing he helped shape and change the lives of hundreds if not thousands of the students who came and went in Redwood Hall. He left memories and impressions that will forever reflect the type of person and professor he was. May he rest in peace and may his family find the strength to carry on his legacy.

Dr. Frehlich: "Are you eating Subway back there?"
Student in the back: "Yes."
Dr. Frehlich: "You have enough to share with the rest of us? Because it's dinner time and we are all starving. Well just take one bite each."
Fall 2007 class. Dr. Frehlich knew how to quietly inspire through his example as a great human and a great professional. My favorite professor, he was always willing to help and truly cared for his students.
"You bastard..." He would respond with a smile in his face when responding to our sarcasm or jokes. What a stand-up guy/ professor and for a slight moment, colleague. I took about 5 classes with him and then interviewed with him for the grad. Program student teaching position (where he was my letter of recommendation). We used to see each other at subway almost every lunch Monday through Thursday: "eating fresh, huh?" He would say almost every time. I think we learn most from those who hold discipline to the highest of standards. He had a gift in that you loved him as a teacher even when he gave you a bad grade. I always knew it was my fault and hated the grade, but could never blame him. He made it a point to use a lot of visuals when teaching and I'm sure he still used the little blonde toddler giving everyone the finger in his slides. ( never got old) lol 
His humor was unmatched and though I've had many - many great professors at Csun, Dr. Frehlich will always go on the books as one of the most memorable, most knowledgeable, and overall best teachers I've ever had! With a sad and heavy heart I say, so long and rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, kids and family.
My name is Chad Skrederstu, I did my undergraduate and graduate degrees at Csun and now I lecture there part time.
Dr. Frehlich was the first professor I spoke to at Csun when I transferred from Jr. College. He's the one who introduced me to Dr. Loy who became my mentor and has shaped my life dramatically. If I hadn't had that conversation with Dr. Frehlich where he went out of his way to connect me with Dr. Loy I would not be where I am now. Also in a field of people who often think in white and black he helped me find the gray area and look at situations with an open mind.
It took me some time to write this down. I am absolutely heart broken of the news about Dr. Frehlich. I graduated in 2004. I met Dr. Frehlich when I took his Motor Learning class and his Sport Psychology class. I have to admit, Dr. Frehlich's classes were one of my favorites. I think the reason why was because he really knew how to lecture. In many of my classes before his, you would sit down in your desk, make sure you had plenty of ink in your pen or led in your pencil because you spent the next 2-3 hours frantically writing down anything the professor said. Not Dr. Frehlich! He would have these power point slides that had these awesome pictures next to outlined words. The whole class couldn't wait for him to change the slide so we could see what pictures would be on the next slide. I know that this is a silly/strange memory of him, but he seriously changed the way I presented my projects from there on out, and how I teach my own students today. I've learned from him on how to captivate an audience and present. I am now a teacher, and I teach the way Dr. Frehlich taught me. With knowledge, and passion, and a unique way of providing information. Every time I put together a power point, I'm reminded of how I learned and who taught me. Dr. Frehlich was one of a kind. Always said hi to me in the hallways, and never passed judgment on his students. He will be very missed!
I graduated from CSUN's kinesiology department in 2009. I took Dr. Frehlich's sport psychology class, and he was also my advisor. What I remember most about him was how kind and patient he was. I have a memory of him that sticks out above anything else. One day I was sitting in his lecture and I forgot to silence my cell phone. It went off in class, and my ringtone happened to be a particularly embarrassing Def Leopard song, "pour some sugar on me". I jumped to quickly silence it, then melted into my seat to hide my red face. Dr. Frehlich paused for a second, then threw his fist up in the air and shouted, "Yeah!!", with a rock on sort of face. He proved how awesome we already knew he was! I pray for comfort to his wife and kids during this time, and forever.
My name is Michelle Borja and I graduated from the kinesiology program at CSUN in the fall of 2012. I had the privilege of being a student in one of Dr. Frehlich's classes, KIN 306. What I remember most about him were his energy and infectious enthusiasm. He always made everyone excited to learn and participate in discussions. I remember how he would incorporate his personal experiences in the lessons and tie it all together. He made it so much fun to be in class. He was such an easy person to talk to about the material and even about life at Csun and the challenges as a student. I was also a student in one of his summer classes. In fact, it was the summer he was diagnosed with cancer. I remember sitting in the classroom excited that he was going to be our teacher. As he walked in, nothing seemed wrong. He was the same Dr. Frehlich as before. Then he told us about his diagnosis and that he'll be going straight to the hospital after this. I remember feeling shocked and saddened, but also amazed and impressed. I couldn't believe someone so young and full of life could get cancer. But I was also blown away that he took the time to come and tell us personally. Everyone in class would have completely understood if he couldn't come in and just had someone else tell us for him. But not Dr. Frehlich. He always ran the extra mile with his students. He always put everyone ahead of himself. It takes an incredible person to come to class and face his students and tell us what was going on and why he couldn't teach. Although he probably didn't realize it, he did teach us a lesson in that moment. He taught us that things happen, but you find a way to work through it. He taught us that a true leader shares his challenges as well as his successes. He taught us that an educator doesn't just teach the textbook material, but real life lessons. The respect I had for him skyrocket after that moment. He will always and forever be the example I look to when I think of courage, hope and education. Farewell Dr. Frehlich, thank you for everything.
Whenever you'd say to him that you had to go teach, he'd correct you and say that you "get" to go teach.
During one of our graduation ceremonies for the Department in the Matadome, Shane's speech included the words by Winston S. Churchill "Never give up, Never give up, Never give up". Perhaps this can fit somewhere - I'm certain he never gave up.
Although I've only been here a year, Shane welcomed me to CSUN with open arms, checked in with me on a regular basis, and was a wonderful yet brief mentor. He will be sorely missed by all. Sending all my love and thoughts towards his family and friends at this very difficult time.
Dr. Frehlich always made sure he stayed after class to address any questions his students asked. I don’t remember if I ever told him in our last exchange, but I think he deserves a lot more thanks than he actually hears. To this day I still think that is the case. Thank you Dr. Frehlich for all you have done for us.
I can’t say enough about this man. An instructor, a mentor, and a man who is courageous, he gave us everything he has. Dr. Frehlich, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your loved ones.