SWACSM Jeopardy Team

February 26, 2020

SWACSM Jeopardy Team

Being able to showcase the 3WINS program, and all the other great opportunities at CSUN, was a fun and exciting experience.
-- Tony Guerra

Being able to present our beautiful campus and the Kinesiology department to hundreds of others in our field was truly a remarkable experience!
-- Gabrielle

It was a great honor to represent CSUN at SWACSM and I found it very exhilarating to recall concepts we learned from our exercise physiology and biomechanics professors during the quiz bowl.
-- Ethan Bates

To attend the SWACSM conference as an undergrad was a turning point for my college career, providing excellent academic insight, connecting with amazing scholars throughout the southwest region, and sparking an intense enthusiasm to pursue higher education and become a professional within the field of kinesiology.
--Jonah Diaz

It was a great opportunity to compete at SWACSM on behalf of CSUN, definitely was very fun, competitive, and a good test of my general knowledge of Kinesiology.
--Emmanuel Soto

I am very grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the SWACSM Jeopardy because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and ended up being an awesome experience that challenged my kinesiology knowledge from previous classes and quick wit!
--Patricia Nunez

If you’re looking for a fun opportunity to put yourself to the test via Jeopardy and to expand your understanding of Kinesiology can be applied, SWACSM provided me with the rare and unique opportunity to network with faculty and students alike, hear ongoing research in the field, and the prestige of representing the CSUN campus.
--Joshua Vicente

Having attended & been apart of the CSUN family at the SWACSM meeting was one of the most meaningful experiences of my academic career; the knowledge gained and like-minded people met– priceless.
--Belle Pearl Ponce de Leon