KIN CSUN Students Presented at NASPSPA

July 13, 2016

Five CSUN Kinesiology students attended and presented research results at the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA), which was held in Montreal, Canada from June 15-18.

Special thanks to the Kinesiology Department, the College of Health and Human Development, the Provost Office, and the Associated Students for providing the financial support to the faculty members and students who attended the conference.

Project Title: Collecting Concurrent Validity, Reliability of Classification Decisions, Inter and Intra-rater Reliability Evidence for the FG-COMPASS.
Authors: Woolever, Mackinsey; Furtado Jr., Ovande; Romack, Jennifer; Angulo-Barroso, Rosa
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Project Title: Gait, Strength, Pain and Fatigue Outcomes Following Aquatic Exercise in Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis.
Authors: Lange, Allison M.; Smith, Kelsea; Lim, Hyosok; Hurtado, Ileana; Mai Narasaki-Jara, Vrongistinos, Konstantinos; Jung, Taeyou.

Project Title: Treadmill Walking with Visual Feedback for Gait Improvement of People Post-Stroke: A Case Study.
Authors: Hurtado, Ileana; Jung, Taeyou; Mai Narasaki-Jara; Vrongistinos, Konstantinos; Lopez, Michael; Mbanugo, Nnamdi; Gorospe, Jon.

Project Title: The Effects of a Telehealth Exercise Program on Self-efficacy and Adherence in Individuals with Parkinson’s disease.
Authors: Garcia, Liz; Todd, Teri; Samson, Ashley; Narasaki-Jara, Mai; Stone, Robert; Angulo-Barroso, Rosa; Wagatsuma, Mayumi; Jung, Taeyou.

Project Title: Drop Landing in Children (Oral Presentation).
Authors: Romack, Jennifer; Rosales, Marcelo R.; Angulo-Barroso, Rosa.