3 WINS Fitness COUCH to 5K to LA Leadership Team

September 7, 2017

couch 2 5k


Hold off on your LA Marathon registrations until our orientation.  3 WINS Fitness is partnering with Strength United out of the College of Education in an exciting relationship that will further the mission of Strength United: Strength United is dedicated to ending abuse, empowering families and developing leaders.  This relationship will give our participants the opportunity to fundraise for this organization as a part of their marathon effort ... we are arranging for a reasonable $ for the fundraising effort but in addition to our training program, on campus and off campus, we'll be able to engage in perks that Strength United has because of their LA Marathon fundraising status.  There will be an option to opt out of the fundraising but wait til you hear the reasonable amount ant THE MAJOR PERKS!!!  See you at the orientation!  Feel free to forward the news!  Another 3 WINS opportunity and there also is still time to sign up for KIN 494 for 3 WINS and become eligible for an ACE Group Ex Scholarship.  Contact Alex if you want to join 3 WINS this semester.

This will be the BIGGEST marathon training group EVER out of CSUN!  TRAIN WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY.  ALL will be able to join us in this training program ... The prep will get you to do a free 5K by end of Oct. on campus in conjunction with Kaiser Permanente for Breast Cancer and then on to the Marathon training with Strength United.  Come to the orientation for all the details!!!  Again, the whole community can join us.