New Graduation Application Deadlines

The Office of Graduate Studies has established the following annual deadlines for all Masters and Doctoral students applying for their degree and diploma per a request of the Vice-Provost's office.  The new annual deadlines are as followed:

Graduate students who intend to graduate in the Fall semester: September 1st

Graduate students who intend to graduate in the Spring or Summer semester: February 1st

In other words, all graduate students must file an application for their degree and diploma (along with a $47 processing fee to A&R) in the beginning of the semester they intend to graduate, by the deadlines above.  This time is needed because Graduate Studies has only a few people to evaluate all of the transcripts and records of well over a thousand potentially graduating students (to verify that all program requirements have been met and to help students complete any unmet requirements).   Applications for “degree and diploma" can be found at:

If graduate students discover at some later date that they cannot graduate when they had expected (not unusual, as you know), then they need to file a Degree and Diploma Date Change form (and an $8 processing fee) as soon as they are able. They also need to change the date in the ETD system prior to that semester’s ETD planning form deadline.   “Date Change” forms are also available at:

How to Apply for Graduation Online

Click here to learn how to apply for graduation online.