MS KIN Areas of Study

The Department of Kinesiology offers students the opportunity to focus their studies by choosing elective coursework in adapted physical activity, biomechanics, dance, exercise physiology, motor behavior, pedagogy in physical education, and sport studies. The only degree granted by the University, however, is the M.S. in Kinesiology. The area of focus/specialization pursued is not identified either on the student's transcript or on the degree.

In addition to our core courses, the program offers coursework in the following areas:

Adapted Physical Activity

The APA coursework is designed to prepare future health and fitness professionals who can make significant impacts on the quality of life of people dealing with disabilities and aging issues. Knowledge and techniques acquired in these courses lead students to successfully develop implement and evaluate adapted physical activity programs for individuals with special needs. Please visit this link for further information.


Biomechanics courses focus in the intersection of anatomical, physiological and mechanical characteristics of human musculoskeletal tissues.


The Dance courses are part of a dynamic, rapidly growing area in the Department of Kinesiology – one that draws students with interests in performance, pedagogy and dance science. Within the Department of Kinesiology, and in collaboration with the Music and Theatre Departments, three concerts are produced each academic year, with additional studio performances.

Exercise Physiology

The courses in Exercise Physiology provide advanced studies in the acute responses and chronic adaptations to exercise. Departmental researchers study the influence of physical activity on public health, pedagogical aspects of exercise physiology, the influence of exercise on the insulin signaling cascade, autonomic responses to physical and psychological stressors, and the influences of genetics, hormones and physical activity on young adult bone mass and age-related bone loss.

Motor Behavior

Motor Development aims to enhance the ability to view human motor behavior through a developmental lens. Because everyone moves and these movements tend to change over one's life span, the content of this subject is relevant to students today, as well as after graduation. Courses in this field provide awareness of how movement skills develop to what they are today, and the developmental trajectory by which theses skills may change as one ages. Click here for further information on research opportunities in this area of study.

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Physical Education

The courses offered in Physical Education, Pedagogy, are designed to meet the needs of state certified teachers wishing to continue an in-depth study of physical education pedagogy including the study of teaching, teacher education, and curriculum for academic and/or professional careers in physical education pedagogy. These courses are designed to provide both a theoretical and practical background for the teacher, coach, or administrator of physical education and sports programs in schools at the elementary or secondary level.

Sports and Performance Studies

The Sports and Performance Studies coursework is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the world of sport, and who are interested in examining the impact of sport on society from a variety of perspectives. The courses focus on the psychological, philosophical, historical, sociological, and leadership aspects of sport. These courses will help prepare students for careers or advanced graduate studies (Ph.D.) in sport psychology, sport leadership, sport philosophy, or other related fields.

Strength and Conditioning

Coursework in Strength and Conditioning focuses on the study of the biomechanics and physiology of physical training with the aim of understanding acute and chronic adaptations.

Click here to see a list of the Kinesiology faculty members.