Job Openings

Full-Time Tenure-Track Positions

None at this time. 

Temporary Part-Time Lecturers

[View/Download] Fall 2018 PTF Announcement (NEW)

[View/Download] Spring 2019 PTF Announcement

[View/Download] AY-2018-2019 PTF Announcement

[View/Download] AA-06 PTF Announcement 2017-2018

[View/Download] AA-06 PTF Announcement 2016-2017

[View/Download] AA-6 PTF Announcement Spring 2017

Interested applicants and instructors should submit the following as attachments to: 

    1. a letter of intent, including course preferences and days/hours of availability
    2. a resume

In addition, applicants must fill out and submit the following form to: 

    1. Applicant Flow Self-identification Form [Download]