CSUN Kinesiology Technology Competition 2017-2018

The purpose of this competition is to embrace the intersection of technology and human health. Students who graduate with this ability will be prepared to use their technological skills to positively impact the world through making people healthier.

To promote this idea, students are encouraged to develop a technological product (for example, a mobile app, cloud storage system, or virtual reality tool). This technological product should be relevant to today’s world and address a current trend or issue in a specific kinesiology domain.

Proposals may be submitted as an individual or group, but group sizes should not be any more than 4 people.  To be eligible, all members must be current undergraduate students in the CSUN Kinesiology department.

Proposals are due by Thursday, February 1st (see Proposal submission below). 

The top 5 written proposals will be chosen in February and you will then be asked to present your idea to the faculty panel at a date TBA in March, 2018. 

Winners of the competition will receive $1000 in support money to further develop their technological product. They will also be paired with a student in the engineering domain who will help them with the technological side of development. Therefore, you don’t have to be a master programmer or even skilled with computers, you just have to have an excellent and impactful idea! This type of work looks great on a resume, and if the app is successful it could even make money on its own.

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