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The Health and Human Development Heroes Award

Made Possible by the Christine and Owen Smith* Dean's Circle Endowment to the College of Health and Human Development.

Nominations for the inaugural (2023) HHD Heroes Awards have been closed.

About the Award:

The CSUN Health and Human Development Heroes Award honors and recognizes a community member who has gone above and beyond in their profession, who has overcome barriers, and who has made a significant impact through extraordinary work to improve and/or save the lives of others.

Every other year, the College, in partnership with the Health and Human Development (HHD) Dean’s Circle, will select an individual and bestow upon them a Health and Human Development Heroes Award.

The Criteria:

  • The candidate has a track record of excellence in their profession, contributing to society and overcoming obstacles to achieve success.
  • The candidate shall exhibit a high degree of character and integrity.
  • The candidate agrees to attend the award event (date to be determined) on the CSUN campus.

Nomination Process:

Nominations for the inaugural (2023) HHD Heroes Awards have been closed.

Christine and Owen Smith. Left: Christine and Owen Smith. Christine was faculty emeritus in Family and Consumer Sciences. Owen was faculty emeritus in the Department of Theatre. Read about the gifts they left to CSUN.

*The HHD Heroes Award is made possible by an endowment created by the generous bequest of Christine and Owen Smith. Both were faculty at CSUN, and Christine served as a founding member of the HHD Dean’s Circle. The Heroes Award is the result of their wish for the College to provide critical networking, exposure, and visibility that would showcase heroic accomplishments in health and human development related fields. Specifically, they wanted to highlight the impact the College has on such professions. HHD is grateful to have the opportunity to provide this award.

Since 1958, HHD students, faculty, staff, and community have worked to make life better for others. The College serves to enhance, enrich, and empower the human experience. Our alumni and partners are in professions that improve health and well-being, fitness and activity, and living environments for individuals, families, and communities.