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MSHA Prospective Students > Student Profile

To better understand our student demographics, here are some statistics on the incoming classes for the MSHA program:

Incoming ClassEntering ProgramAverage GPAAverage of last 60 Units GPAYears of Healthcare Experience% Female

Most students who pursue the MSHA degree complete the program within 4 years, with specific retention rates depicted below. Most students elect to enroll in the 3- or 4- year track to allow them to continue gaining experience in the field, while completing their degree.

   Graduation Rates   
Incoming ClassEntered ProgramLeft Program0-2.0 years2.1-3.0 years3.1-4.0 years4.1 + years% Retention Rate% Three-Month Employment Post Graduation**% of Graduating Students Self Reporting Promotion During Time in Program
20142828108092.9100Not available
2015227483068.295Not available
20162001370010096Not available
20172057IP--75100Not available

IP denotes student activity in progress.

*Retention Rate is defined as percentage of entering cohort that has graduated or is still enrolled in program
Source: Student file, Office of Institutional Research

**Three-Month Employment Rate Post-Graduation is defined as percentage of entering cohort that is employed 3 months after graduation (Please note students generally work full-time throughout program)