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MSHA Prospective Students > FAQs

Please read these FAQs to learn more about the CSUN MSHA program.

What can I do with a MSHA?

Our alumni work in a wide variety of healthcare organizations, such as hospitals, multi-hospital organizations, long term care facilities, managed care and health insurance companies, medical group management organizations, home health agencies, health information technology companies, consulting firms, biomedical industries, and many more organizations. We are here to help you fulfill your career leadership goals. It is important that you match your career objectives with what we can offer.

What makes the CSUN MSHA program unique?

The CSUN MSHA program prepares a diverse student body for leadership positions in health care organizations in the Greater San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles areas. Graduate students in the program can advance in their current health care, health services, or health administration positions. With a faculty focus on learning-centeredness, community and university service, as well as scholarship, the program is well positioned to educate students for professional practitioner positions aligned with the current health care environment.

How long will it take to complete the CSUN MSHA program?

Because our program is centered one early- and mid- career working individuals, all of our core MSHA courses are in the evenings from 7:00pm to 9:45pm. We have several sequences tailored to the needs of our different constituencies. Our most common is a 3-year suggested sequence with individuals taking 3 courses per semester.

Do you offer summer and winter courses?

Some electives are offered during the summer semester to help students that would like to lessen the course load during the fall/spring semesters. No courses are offered during the winter session.

What are the application deadlines?

Priority deadline for Fall 2020 admissions is February 1, 2020. Regular deadline is April 1, 2020. 

Do you require pre-requisite courses for the MSHA program?

Each student is provided an individually designed pre-requisite program. The program may include the CSUN Upper Division Writing Proficiency Exam, an accounting course, or a statistics course. The specific program will provided at the time of acceptance.

What financial aid resources are available?

Newly accepted MSHA students are invited to visit the online CSUN Financial Aid Office. Students seeking loans may visit the CSUN Financial Aid Loans page. Information about Cal grants, State University grants, EOP grants, and graduate fellowships can be located at the California Student Aid Commission website. Scholarship applications can be filed via the CSUN Scholarships website.

How many students do you accept each Fall?

Over a four-year average, we receive about 85-90 applications per year. We offer an invitation to join our MSHA program to about 35% of the applicants.

How much does the program cost?

The tuition and fee structures for CSUN graduate programs can be found on our web-page

Does the program offer any online or hybrid courses?

Our MSHA program requires students to attend class in person. Some classes may be hybrid (half online and half in-person), but the overwhelming majority are in-person. No core courses are in online format at this time. 

Do you offer Spring admissions?

We only offer Fall admissions. 

Is the GRE required in order to apply?

No GRE is required for admissions into the MSHA program. 

What is the average cost of the MSHA program?

The cost of the MSHA program depends on the number of units taken each semester. Please see the CSUN Tuition and Fees website for more information.