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MPH Program > Overview



One of the fastest growing job fields today is Public Health! The field offers security, diversity, mastery, and an opportunity to impact the health of your community. The Master of Public Health degree prepares students for a professional career in program planning, implementation, evaluation, epidemiology, research and other related roles. These roles can be in public, private, and government agencies, as well as community-level health organizations.


Public Health Program Vision

Enhance the health and wellbeing of diverse communities, by training future public health professionals and collaborating with community partners.



The Mission of the CSUN Public Health Program is to prepare professionals to:

  • Identify and assess needs and assets of diverse communities
  • Plan, implement, and evaluate programs
  • Apply analytic and research methodologies to public health practice
  • Serve as leaders and advocates in their community and profession
  • Provide solutions for current and future public health challenges
  • Collaborate across interdisciplinary and community sectors



  1. Students obtain and apply knowledge and skills related to the practice of public health.
  2. Students and faculty contribute to service activities at the local & national level through engagement in public health practice.
  3. Faculty conduct collaborative research that advances the field of public health and provides opportunities for student involvement.
  4. The Public Health Program will train students to work with diverse populations.


To fulfill these missions, the Public Health program designs courses and activities to help students develop the designated student learning objectives and academic competencies. As a program we also seek to foster a rigorous and contemporary learning environment with the following characteristics: a diverse core set of courses, health disparities, social justice, and multiple perspectives of health issues. The Public Health Program adheres to the following values, as defined by the University:

Commitment to Scholarship and Learning
We honor scholarship in all of its aspects: Artistic, cultural, scientific, and applied. We support professional development and training for faculty, staff, and administrators and encourage intellectual curiosity in ourselves and our students.

Commitment to Excellence
The quality of our academic program is central to our educational mission. We set high standards for ourselves in all of our actions and activities; assess our performance; and reward both individual and group contributions to the fulfillment of the University's mission.

Respect for All People
Our behaviors, policies and programs affirm the worth and personal dignity of every member of the University community and contribute to a campus climate of civility, collegiality, trust, and reasoned debate. We take pride in the diversity of our community.

Alliances with the Community
We seek genuine partnerships with local schools, business, government, and social agencies in order to serve the intellectual, artistic, cultural, and economic needs of our surrounding communities. After more than twenty-five years of serving the greater Los Angeles community, the graduates of the Public Health program are active in building and maintaining bridges between the general community and the professional health community.

Encouragement of Innovation, Experimentation, and Creativity
We value idealism, innovation and creativity and regularly reexamine our programs and practices so that every area of University life will be continually improved and renewed.