Health Sciences

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    Department of Health Sciences

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    Public Health Full-time Faculty

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    Master of Public Health C.H.E. 2023 Cohort!

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    Master of Public Health Tseng C.H.E. 2023 Cohort!

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    Master of Public Health A.E. 2023 Cohort!

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    Master of Public Health Students at the APHA Conference 2023!

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    Health Administration Full-time Faculty

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    Master of Science in Health Administration 2023 Cohort!

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    MHA: ACHE College Bowl 2023 Winners!

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    Radiologic Sciences Full-time Faculty

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    Radiologic Sciences Students in Lab

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    RS students at California Society of Radiologic Technologist's 84th annual conference

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    Senator Padilla and Mrs. Angela Padilla at 50th Anniversary Gala!

MHA Program > Overview


Health care is one of the fastest growing, most dynamic and necessary industries. The field offers energetic, creative, and enterprising individuals a host of administrative and service options. The Master of Science in Health Administration degree prepares students for a full range of health care management and leadership careers in management, planning, marketing, consulting, quality improvement, strategic planning, operations, and other related roles. These roles can be in public, voluntary, and private health care agencies and organizations.


The Graduate Program in Health Administration prepares a diverse student body for leadership positions in healthcare. With a faculty focus on learning-centeredness, community and university service, as well as scholarship, the program is well positioned to educate students for professional practitioner positions aligned with the current healthcare environment. ​

We are not recognized as a STEM degree program.


The Graduate Program in Health Administration aspires to prepare a workforce that will enhance the operational efficiency and effectiveness of health care organizations and improve the delivery and access to quality care in our service community. The program consistently seeks to meet the national standards associated with excellence in graduate education in health administration.


We have been serving the Greater San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas for over 40 years and have over 2,000 alumni. We do this by adhering to the following values:

  • Impact: Improve the health status and strength the healthcare delivery system in our local, state, national, and global communities
  • Collaboration: Recognize how interdisciplinary teams and organizational partnerships can enhance effectiveness in the healthcare industry
  • Professionalism: Instill throughout all aspects of the program including student development and faculty interactions
  • Ethics and Integrity: Demonstrate behavior which exhibits a high degree of character and exemplary behavior
  • Cultural Competency: Instill an understanding and appreciation of the diversity of our service community