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Health Administration

Prospective students interested in the Health Administration Program should contact a CSUN Pre-Admissions Counselor (click here) to determine your eligibility for admissions and transfer courses

CSUN students interested in changing their major should email Dr. Salvador Esparza, Program Director:

Salvador Esparza, DHA, MSHA, BSN-RN, FACHE
Office: JD 2538
Phone: (818) 677-7927

BSHA Advisement Form - Complete Before Meeting with a Health Administration Advisor 

Click here to schedule an appointment

Public Health

Prospective students interested in the Public Health Program should contact a CSUN Pre-Admissions Counselor to determine your eligibility for admissions and transfer courses.

Bethany Rainisch, PhD, MPH
Program Director
Office: JD-2542
Phone: (818) 677-2341
Public Health Career Mentorship

Find Your Advisor:

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Find Your Advisor:

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Based on the first letters of your last name, search the list below to find your advisor, phone, and location.

  • A - Am, advisor: Bhar, K., ext 7929, JD 2554
  • An - Can, advisor, Benjamin, S., ext 6415; JD 2546
  • Cao - Der, advisor, Chu, L., ext 2485; JD 2534
  • Des - Gin, advisor, Ebin, V., ext 7053; JD 2515
  • Gio - H, advisor, Kwan, P., ext 6992; JD 2550
  • I - L, advisor, Burke, S., ext 2997; JD 3537
  • M - Mo, advisor Sawyer, M., ext 7610; JD 2544
  • Mp - Por, advisor Spear, S., ext 6991; JD 2501
  • Pos - R, advisor, Yi, J., ext 7930; JD 3527
  • S - Suc, advisor, Young, K., 4725; JD 2536
  • Sud - Z, advisor, *Rainisch, B., ext 2341; JD 2542

*make appointment via

Radiologic Sciences

Anita Slechta, MS, BSRT, ARRT(R)(M), REHS, FASRT
Office: JD-2507
Phone: (818) 677-2475

To book an appointment with Radiologic Sciences Faculty, please click on the button below:

Please review the Program Information Packet before attending your Radiologic Sciences appointment. 

General Advisement (Undergraduates Only)

Continuing students and those on Academic Probation may seek General Health Sciences advisement from Academic Advisor Blanca Eliopulos.

Students may also see their faculty advisor for Course Substitutions, Graduation applications, Hold releases and mentoring.
GPA Calculator (downloads/opens Excel file) 

You can find out who your faculty advisor is by calling or visiting the HSCI Office.

Location: JD-2500

Phone: 818-677-4081

Master of Science in Health Administration

Brian Malec, PhD
Office: JD-2515
Phone: (818) 677-3143

Master of Public Health

Community Health Education
Bobbie Emetu, PhD, MPH, MLS
Office: JD-3533

Applied Epidemiology
Myriam Forster, PhD, MPH
Office: JD-3348


Carrie Pullen, EdD
Office: JD-2547
Phone: (818) 677-2015

Minor in Human Lactation

For minor inquiries, minor course advisement, and mentorship:

Merav Efrat, PhD, MPH
Office: JD-3535
Phone: (818) 677-7052

Minor in Human Sexuality

For minor inquiries, minor course advisement, and mentorship: 

Bobbie Emetu, PhD, MPH, MLS
Office: JD-3533
Phone: (818) 677-7607