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Health and Human Development News Now (outward facing news, formerly "Milestones"):

Holiday Greeting: A Season of Gratitude, 2023

HHD News Now Fall (October) 2023

HHD News Now Summer (June) 2023

HHD News Now Spring (February) 2023

Healthy Holidays 2022

Thanksgiving: A Season of Gratitude, 2022

HHD News Now, September 2022

HHD News Now, June 2022

Winter Holiday Message 2021

Thanksgiving Message 2021

Milestones: We Are the College of Life, October, 2021

Milestones: A Virtual Year of Genuine Connection, March, 2021

Winter Holiday Message 2020

Thanksgiving Message 2020

Veterans Day Message to Community, 2020

Veterans Day Message to Students, 2020

Milestones: Into the Virtual, September, 2020

Milestones: Commencement Edition, 2020, June

Winter Holiday Message 2019

Thanksgiving Message 2019

Veterans Day Message 2019

Milestones: Research, Education, Action, and You!, 2019 November

Milestones: Commencement Edition 2019, June

Milestones: Spring Break Edition 2019, March

Milestones: End of Fall, 2018, December

Milestones: Commencement Edition, 2018, June

Milestones: Start of Spring, 2018

Archives: HHD use & share: news for the campus community (formerly HHD News to Use and Share)

HHD use & share is published periodically during the semesters (inaugural issue, February 5, 2018).