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  • Trust Your Gut: Dena Herman Studies the Microbiome: Guess what artichokes, asparagus, bananas, garlic, onions, tomatoes and whole wheat all have in common to keep your body at a healthy weight? The answer: These six foods contain short-chain fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), which promote the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria.
  • Know Your Status: Bethany Rainisch Makes Rapid HIV Testing Available to Students: Rapid on-campus HIV testing gets confidential, reliable status results to students in 20 minutes. Health Promotion students are improving student awareness and saving lives through the program, START (Services for Tele-health and Rapid Testing), with guidance from Health Sciences Assistant Professor Bethany Rainisch, thanks to a grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSA).
  • Here's How to Find Calm in the Chaos: We hurry, we rush, we race for the finish—even at the expense of our peace of mind. But if we can take some time each day to be alone with our thoughts, we can calm the mental noise. Focusing on the present moment allows a refreshed perspective to emerge. This is the heart of mindfulness based wellness, and wellness is at the heart of our healthcare disciplines in the College of Health and Human Development.
  • A Simple Luncheon Becomes So Much More: It wasn't just lunch—it was the launch of fashion careers for Apparel Design and Merchandising students. What started out as a networking luncheon in the LA Fashion District grew into an afternoon of inspiration.  Nick Verreos, season-two winner of Project Runway made a special appearance to show some of his new fashion line and tell them how he got where he is. And it happened because TRENDS Fashion Show sponsor Joe Vecchiarelli was pulling strings behind the scenes.n the College of Health and Human Development.


  • Dancer, Researcher, Scholar: Cheyenne Spencer is an Artistic Researcher, dancer, choreographer and the 2014 Wolfson Scholar nominee from the College of Health and Human Development. Cheyenne, under the guidance and mentorship of professors Paula Thomson and Vicky Jaque, has spent the last three years collecting and analyzing data on the effects of stress on artists, athletes, and individuals with anxiety and stress disorders.  Using vests designed to pick up several physiological reactions.
  • Cutler Scholarships Pay it Forward: The Cutler Scholarships recognize students who assist clients in the Center of Achievement through Adapted Physical Activity (Kinesiology). Kinesiology students Yumi Kim, Natalie Fleming and Takuto Fuji were chosen for this competitive scholarship. The selection committee recognized their demonstrated excellence in both academic and clinical performance at the Center. It is the intention of the donors to provide financial assistance to kinesiology students with outstanding clinical potential as they proceed through the adapted physical activity program.
  • Dean's Awards Scholars Spring, 2014   "I've developed high-level research skills thanks to the opportunity to work closely with faculty." - Catherine Placencia, 2014 Child and Adolescent Development Outstanding Undergraduate.
  • CSUN Nursing Students Continue a Lasting Tradition in Pinning Ceremony (CSUN Today)
  • Fashion Student's Dream Comes True This year's TRENDS student fashion show, "Fantasy: Once Upon a Dream" was hosted by Rick Garcia of CBS2 News and co-hosted by Rachel Spensatelli, a senior in Journalsim at CSUN. Meet designer Caitlin Pynes and see photos from the Bloomingdale's exhibit.
  • University Ambassadors Polished Apple Awards and Faculty Senate Awards (in CSUN Today)
  • Luisa Sabogal FCS major: immigrant's dream comes true (CSUN YouTube Video)


  • A pioneer in the field of Speech-Language Pathology, Manzella and her partner, Julie O. Gardner, developed a reputation for implementing the most up to date research into innovative therapy techniques.
  • Physical Therapy Students Travel to Vietnam: Language, lifestyle, culture and health beliefs affect how people access healthcare and the ways healthcare providers meet patients needs.  A three week long trip to Vietnam is teh capstone event of a course called "International Physical Therapy."
  • CSUN Professor's Study Links Even Minor Forms of Discrimination to Teen Sleep Loss: Overt or even subtle forms of racial and ethnic discrimination can rob minority teens of much needed sleep, according to a recent study by Child and Adolescent Development faculty Virginia Huynh.
  • Sport Psychology: A Balanced Life and a Winning Game:Ashley Samson is an Assistant Professor in Kinesiology and Sport Psychology Consultant for Athletics at CSUN.  She works with student athletes for optimal performance, but winning is not the entire goal.  The objective is a balanced life and a satisfying career, whether or not athletics is pursued after graduation.
  • Nutrition, Food Science for the Athlete: Optimal Health Throughout the Year : Science and common sense continually point to a simple fact:  A nutrient rich diet and regular exercise are the keys to fitness and well being.   Maybe athletes can get away with a few more cheats than the average couch potato, but athletes need coaching for nutrition, too.
  • Athletic Training: Injury Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment :Prevention, diagnosis and rehabilitation through the lifespan are the focal points for CSUN Athletic Training Students in the classroom, labs and clinic.  The expertise they are developing will serve throughout their careers to keep athletes strong and healthy beyond the game.






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