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Scholarship and Awards

In recognition of outstanding academic achievements, the FCS Department identifies various scholarship and award opportunities to encourage and support the success of our students.

The application is usually due in the Fall semester for the FCS Department-based scholarships and in various times throughout the academic year for scholarships outside of the FCS Department.

The following categories provide detailed information regarding each scholarship and award. Simply click on each category to learn more.

Current CSUN, FCS & HHD Scholarships

FCS Department Scholarships

CSUN myMatador Scholarships

  • Application 
    • NOTICE: The 2019-2020 academic award year has concluded. Please return in early November, 2019 as new opportunities will be added for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Student Travel & Academic Research (STAR) Funding

Graduate Thesis, Dissertation, or Project Support 

Outside CSUN Scholarships

CAAFCS Scholarships Extended Education Fund Scholarships 

KAPPA OMICRON NU Alumni Chapter of Southern California Scholarship (2019)

Kiss My Keto Ketogenic Diet Research Scholarship (2019)

Past FCS Scholarships

FCS Scholarship & Awards Recipients