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Master of Science in Family & Consumer Sciences

The Master of Sciences (MS) in Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) degree program provides a structured, comprehensive, and focused curriculum for students and professionals interested in serving, individuals, families, and communities in an interdependent and increasingly global world. 

The program offers two options;

  • Apparel Design and Merchandising
  • Consumer Affairs and Family Studies

The 33-unit graduate degree program includes 18-units of core curriculum about research, leadership, and salient aspects of the overarching field of FCS. Students in either option complete 12-units of option-specific curriculum focusing on professional and research competencies in respective fields, through courses that span across theory, practice, and application. A 3-unit culminating experience can be completed in the form of a comprehensive exam, research thesis, or creative project.  The following information is new as of September, 2017.