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How to Become a Registered Dietician

Here at CSUN you must apply to the University into the Family & Consumer Sciences Department (FCS),  Nutrition/Dietetics/Food Science so that you can be enrolled in the Didactic Program in Dietetics (DPD), which is approved by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education (CADE).



Undergraduate Students

The program is included as part of the B.S. Degree in Family & Consumer Sciences, with option in Nutrition, Dietetics, & Food Science (Pattern A). 

Post-Baccalaureate (graduate) students

 If you are a student who has already earned a bachelor's degree that is not in nutrition/dietetics and are interested in becoming a registered dietitian, you will work with the DPD director to evaluate your previous academic preparation.  This makes it possible to identify which of your completed courses can be used as substitutes for selected CSUN-DPD courses.  With that knowledge, it can be determined which CSUN courses must be taken to complete the DPD.


 All Students in the DPD

 Once the required coursework is completed, a formal transcript evaluation process will culminate in issuance of a Verification Statement (VS).   This confirms that you have earned a BA/BS degree and have completed the necessary DPD course of study.  

The next step would be to apply to a CADE-accredited Dietetic Internship (DI). After completing the DI, you will receive a DI Verification Statement, which is necessary to have before being permitted to take the registration examination.  This examination is the final step for becoming a registered dietitian.



The steps necessary to proceed through the academic program are covered in orientation sessions. These sessions are conducted monthly from August through May. Click here for the orientation schedule in PDF format. The FCS department office (818-677-3051) can verify whether or not schedule changes have been made.