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Exit Survey

  • All DPD students are expected to complete an Exit Survey when enrolled in the culminating course for the DPD, FCS 494 BEE (Peer Nutrition Counseling). The survey contains 3 sections: A cover sheet (Section 1), a questionnaire (Section II), and a comment sheet (Section III).

    Section I of the survey gathers information that is primarily demographic in nature, including an item to facilitate tracking of students after they have left the DPD. To ensure anonymity of the surveys, these sheets are collected separately from the questionnaire and comment pages (Section II and III respectively).

    Section II is a questionnaire designed to collect information relative to the students’ satisfaction with the level of knowledge and skills that the program is mandated to address. It concludes by asking students to assess their overall satisfaction with CSUN courses, DPD courses and the DPD advising/mentoring by faculty.  Students are asked to rate the items from 5 (very satisfied) to 1 (very dissatisfied) based on their academic experiences in the program. The expectation is that the overall assessment of advising and mentoring in the DPD will be not less than 3 (neutral). This survey is administered and scored entirely online.

  • Section III gives students the opportunity to enter comments concerning (a) the strengths of CSUN’s DPD (b) the areas in which they perceive CSUN’s DPD needs to be improved and (c) advice they would like to pass along to students entering CSUN’s DPD. For a representative sample of these comments, click here (PDF)