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Admission Criteria

To summarize, all applicants should do the following:

  • Gather the proper information (grades, test scores, transcripts).

  • Submit the above information within the initial application period.

  • Undergraduate students should apply to the Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) department for Pattern A: Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Graduate students apply as a graduate unclassified into the FCS department.

  • Each graduate student must have an undergrad cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 at the time her/his degree was conferred. If the GPA was lower, the student is required to take the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and score at least 50 percentile on at least one of the areas in order to be admitted to the FCS department.

All transfer students will work with the Didactic Program in Dietetics director to evaluate their transcripts.  This enables both the director and the students to see which previously completed courses may substitute for DPD courses. Courses completed in community colleges with which there is an articulation agreement will possibly be accepted as substitutions if all other requirements are met. However, courses taken at non-articulated college/universities are subject to evaluation using transcripts, catalog course descriptions and, if necessary, course syllabi. It is possible that some of the previously completed courses may not be accepted as substitutes for DPD courses.


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