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Director of Development, John Pepitone

John Pepitone

We educate future professionals who are interested in promoting health care, wellness, and healthy lifestyles. Our faculty come from all over the world to work with our highly diverse student population in one of the most dynamic cities in the world. With nearly 5,000 enrolled students, our programs are among the most popular and fastest growing in the university. In the College of Health and Human Development, community matters.

We offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs (including the Doctorate in Physical Therapy).  Courses engage the ideas and talents of our students both in and out of the classroom - including service-learning, internships, and other field-based experiences.

When you donate to the College of Health and Human Development at CSUN, you’re doing more than just helping students achieve their university degrees, you're supporting wellness and healthy lifestyles. A gift to our college could go to help a victim of stroke get training to speak or walk again. Schoolchildren could be learning the basics of non-violent conflict resolution because you got involved with us. Your gift could help someone keep that nagging backache from developing into a chronic injury because it helps us train physical therapists.

Your generosity suports research that gets physical education and health and nutrition education back into the schools. Houses become homes because your funding supports interior design students who are learning to work with color, acoustics and texture in ways that create a sense of well-being.

Community Partnership: We’re Stronger Together. Our students engage with the community as they work on their degrees. Academic programs and alumni groups host networking events where alumni, local professionals and students can meet to share experience and information. Community partnerships strengthen relationships. Everybody wins.

Whether you want to direct a gift to a specific program or make a general donation to the college, your generosity positively affects many lives. And as the California economy works toward correction, your gift means more now than ever. To make a donation, please contact me at 818-677-5863 or you can donate online. Be sure to select College of Health and Human Development for your donation.

Thank you!

John Pepitone

Director of Development

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