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Graduate Distance Learning Program:

 Student Achievement Data

The Distance Learning Program enrolls students in three-year-long programs of study in cohorts.  The students do not attend classes on campus.  All courses are taken on-line and all supervised clinical education is completed in settings in the students’ areas of residence.  The first table presents the percent of Distance Learning Program graduates who are employed in the profession within the first year of graduation, beginning with the most recently completed cohort. The three-year average employment rate for the immediate past three years (2017-2018, 2018–2019, and 2019–2020) is also presented.

PeriodNumber of GraduatesPercent Employed
2019-202060 83%
Three Year Average for Gradates Employed within First Year of Graduation (2017-2020):95%

The pass rate results on the PRAXIS Examination by the Distance Learning Program are seen on the second table.  This national examination is used by the distance learning students to qualify for professional certification by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and to qualify for licensure to practice in each state.

PeriodNumber of Students Taking ExamNumber of Students Who PassedPass Rate
Three Year Average for Passing (2017-2020):93%

The final table shows the program completion rate for students in the distance learning cohorts for the past three years.  The expected time to completion for the degree is with each student’s cohort.  The program of study for a cohort is 36 months in duration.  Students in the distance learning program are required to take all of their classes and clinical practica with their assigned cohort.  The three-year average pertains to the average completion rate in the three most recent years.

PeriodCompleted Within TimeCompleted LaterNot CompletedPercentage Completed
Three-Year Average for Completed (2017-2020):91%