Communications Disorders and Sciences

  • CSUN CD students in speech and hearing laboratory

    Department of Communication Disorders & Sciences

  • CSUN CD students and faculty testing with speech and hearing equipment

    Department of Communication Disorders & Sciences

Full-Time Faculty

Biel, Michael E MH 319(818)677-2852
Hall, Edward P MH 331(818)677-2852
Jackson, Catherine A MH 326(818)677-2851
Jin, Su-Hyun MH 231(818)677-2397
Kochis-Jennings, Karen A MH 321(818)677-3903
Seymour, Patricia J MH 301(818)677-2852
Sinclair, J. Stephen MH 317(818)677-2852
Strike-Roussos, Christine MH 328(818)677-2833
Weber, Elizabeth G MH 301(818)677-2852
Yu, Vickie MH 324(818)677-7530