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Special Programs & Scholarships

Research Apprenticeship Programs

Interested in gaining research experience and want to be competitive for graduate school? Most undergraduate students who aspire to apply for top-rate graduate programs seek informal and formal opportunities to enhance their research skills.

Formal Research Apprenticeships
National CADV organizations offer undergraduate research trainings, workshops, or retreats once a year; applications are typically due in the fall and the training/retreat is usually in the spring or summer. Students can travel and receive mentoring in any of the following topics: research training on highlight topics, advice selecting graduate programs and how to apply, or you may be paired with a reputable faculty member to conduct actual research.

Examples include:

Informal Research Apprenticeships

You can gain research experience here at CSUN as well. One pathway is to contact a professor you are interested in working with and inquire if they have any active research projects that require assistance. Most professors prefer to work with students they already know; however, read about their research interests (in their faculty bio on the department website) to determine a research interest match. 

Occasionally CSUN professors have a research grant and can pay undergraduate students to work on their research. These opportunities are typically advertised via email, flyers, or word of mouth; stay alert and talk to numerous individuals expressing your interests. 

CSUN professors enjoying working with undergraduate on research and especially enjoy traveling to national conferences to jointly present research. These students recently traveled with Dr. Taylor to present at SRCD (Society for Research on Adolescences) in Seattle, WA.

Peer Mentor Program

Our department is deeply committed to students having positive experiences as they navigate the CSUN University journey. Dynamic peer networks and quality interactions can be a powerful way college students can be influenced and effectively reach graduation.

Our Peer Mentoring Program integrates a learning-centered approach to understanding emerging adulthood. Peer Mentors serve fellow CADV peers by providing resources and activities around topics such as:

  • effective study habits,
  • how to successfully navigate the CADV major,
  • advising resources,
  • available campus resources and/or events that augment college success

Peer Mentors gain professional skills including how to develop quality interpersonal interactions, provide guidance in navigating the MAP/DPR, further develop effective presentation and public speaking skills, and enhance technology skills. Visit our Forms & Petitions page to learn more about how to apply. 

Department Honors Program

The Department Honors Program recognizes and supports the academic and professional development of exceptional undergraduate students earning the B.A. in Child and Adolescent Development. Students in the Honors Program engage in advanced level assignments, activities and projects beyond the standard requirements for the degree. CADV students who successfully complete all requirements for the Program will have the designation of Department Honors noted on the diploma and official transcripts upon completion of the degree.


CADA (Child and Adolescent Development Association)

The Child and Adolescent Development Association is a student organization that strives as a team to enrich the lives of the community.  We take pride in providing career, academic, and professional development for CSUN students through community interaction.  The association also serves as a social outlet for students interested in human development.


Student Scholarship Opportunities

ALUMNI ASSOCIATION: The CADV Chapter of the Alumni Association offers several scholarships eligible to most CADV majors. Contact this CADV Alumni Chapter for more details.

NORTHRIDGE SCHOLARS: The University offers a highly funded scholarship eligible to all currently enrolled students. CADV majors regularly are awarded these scholarships. Contact the University Scholarship Office for more details.