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Internship Program Overview

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APPLICATION PERIOD (Fall 2024-Spring 2025):  Placements are made on a first come first serve basis.

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Available internship sites


We offer a department-sponsored internship program that students typically complete in their junior or senior year. This internship spans a full academic year (begins in Fall semester and concludes at the end of the Spring semester). 

We have partnered with a variety of community organizations including schools, youth development, family support agencies, and medical & therapeutic facilities in the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles area to allow students opportunities to apply theory to practice in professional settings, and to develop professional networks and mentoring relationships with established professional in the field. Information on each of our current community partners is available below.

To be considered for an internship placement, students must first complete an application (see details below) in the Spring semester prior to the start of the internship the following Fall. The Department will offer informational sessions and the Internship Fair in the Spring semester so you can learn more about the different sites and ask questions you may have about opportunities at various organizations. 

Students apply for the internship the spring semester prior to beginning the internship. The application deadline is typically in mid-April. Sites typically interview students in late April through early May and students find out their internship placement before the end of the Spring semester.  

Once selected as an intern, students enroll in CADV 394 (Internship I) in the Fall semester and in CADV 494 (Internship II) in the Spring semester. During each semester students complete 90 hours at the internship site and complete assignments in the CADV 394 or 494 Internship Seminars meetings identified by the instructor.  Students complete a total of 180 hours at the site across Fall and Spring. If you are graduating in Fall (and therefore cannot complete 494 email Dr. Taylor ( to know which sites are available.


Can I apply for an internship placement?

YES. The CADV Internship Program is open to all CSUN students.

Is CADV 250 a prerequisite? Do I need to take CADV 250 before doing an internship?

No. CADV 250 is NOT a prerequisite for the internship. If you are accepted in the internship program, you will be issued a permission number to enroll in CADV 394 which will override any listed prerequisites.

When is the application due date?

Applications are accepted on a rolling bases however some sites fill up quickly. 

All applications submitted by Mar. 29th will receive full consideration by their top choices.

How many sites can I apply to and how do I know which sites I should choose?

Students may initially apply to up to three sites.  You may also research the sites independently by reviewing the information posted on the internship page, exploring the website of each organization, and contacting the site for more information and an opportunity for a site visit.  In addition, attending the Internship Fair is an excellent way to find explore sites.

 What do I have to do for the application?

 The internship application consists of:

• A cover letter for each site you are applying to

• A current resumé or CV

• A current DPR and Planner showing your completed and planned coursework through graduation

 What happens after I submit my application?

After the  submission window has closed, the Department's Internship Coordinator will review and send complete applications to each site identified. Some sites will conduct interviews of potential interns. The Department Internship Coordinator will notify students which site(s) they have been accepted to as soon as that information is available.  

If I get an internship will I automatically be enrolled in CADV 394?

Once you accept an internship placement, you will be given a permission number to add the Internship Seminar (CADV 394) for Fall. All students completing a department-sponsored internship are required to be enrolled in CADV 394 during Fall semester AND CADV 494 during Spring semester.

If I have questions that can't be addressed on this website, who can I contact? 

If you have questions you can direct them to Dr. Taylor at

What do students say about the internship?
Students report that their CADV internship has been one of the most instrumental aspects in deciding on post-graduate plans. Many students create bonds with real children and teens which helps to make the classroom content come alive and relevant. Some students develop important networks with professionals in the field, also aiding their career pathway after graduation. 

Why would someone decide to do the internship?

  • I want to "test out" this type of career/profession.
  • I don't have a lot of experience actually working with youth.
  • I only have experience working with young children; I want to work with older kids.
  • I've never had a job and I need some basic work experience.
  • The graduate program I plan to attend requires that I have a certain number of hours working with youth.
  • I want to better understand how an organization works. 

Why would someone decide NOT to do the internship?

  • I don't need/want additional experience working with youth. I don't plan to pursue a career working directly with youth.
  • I would benefit more from taking other courses listed in the Professional Development section.