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Are you itching to get involved on campus? Thats a great sign!
Below are some amazing oportunities in the CADV department.

Peer Mentor Program

The Peer Mentor Program is one way to get involved and to work closely with faculty and fellow students at a closer level. Peer Mentors develop co-curricular vocational, academic, college student support activities. Peer mentors develop leadership skills essential for future success in the the workplace and graduate school.

Research Apprenticeship Program

Interested in getting involved on a research project? Are you interested in developing research skills necessary for entrance into graduate school? Research assistants often have the opportunity to travel to cities across the U.S. at national conferences in the field of child and adolescent development. Contact your professors and ask them about their current research projects. They will guide you in shaping your research interests.


Department Honors Program

The Department Honors Program recognizes and supports the academic and professional development of exceptional undergraduate students earning the B.A. in Child and Adolescent Development. Students in the Honors Program engage in advanced level assignments, activities and projects beyond the standard requirements for the degree. Students who successfully complete all requirements for the Program will have the designation of Department Honors noted on the diploma and official transcripts upon completion of the degree. Contact Dr. Nancy Miodrag, the Department Honors Program Coordinator for more information.


CADA (Child and Adolescent Development Association)

The Child and Adolescent Development Association (CADA) is a student organization affiliated with the CADV Department that strives as a team to enrich the lives of the community. CADA takes pride in providing career, academic, and professional development for CSUN students through community interaction.  The Association also serves as a social outlet for students interested in child and adolescent development and related fields.