Child and Adolescent Development

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The Freshman Student Experience

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Welcome to the University! On behalf of the faculty and staff, we look forward to working with you in this significant and meaningful experience. The Department values building meaningful relationships with students, professors and professionals in the field.

If you are planning on attending CSUN as a freshmen, be sure to register for and attend the campus-wide New Student Orientation which occurs in the summer before the semester begins. Find out more details on how to register here.


Choose from a program options to personalize your educational experience:

Applied Developmental Science Option (ADS)

The ADS Option provides students training in examining and understanding how developmental changes that occur from conception through early adulthood. Students who are interested in pursuing a path that leads to a wide range of careers related to the field of human development (e.g., social worker, clinical psychologist, K-12 teacher, child life specialist, college counselor, university professor, occupational therapist, speech pathologist as well as preschool teacher/director, early interventionist) choose this option.  The ADS option provides a strong foundation for a variety of advanced degree and professional programs.

Early Childhood Development Option (ECD)

This ECD Option provides students an emphasis and focus in the developmental processes occurring in early childhood. Students who know they want a career in the field of Early Childhood Education (i.e., infant care, preschool, early intervention) may choose this program of study.