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Forms and Petitions

These are the most common forms relevant for CADV majors.

Course Substitution Petition

Have you completed a course that you believe is an equivalent substitution for a requirement in the major?

Complete this Course Substitution Petition to initiate a department-level review of your proposed substitution. If your petition is approved, it will be forwarded to the Office of Admissions & Records so that your MAP & Degree Progress Report (DPR) reflects the substitute coursework. This is a PDF version of a course substitution form. This form is also available in the Department Office (Sequoia Hall 285).

Do not use this form for CAP 8 community college child development course substitions; use the next petition below instead (Community College Course Substitution Petition). 

Community College Course Substitution Petition

Have you completed early childhood education courses at a community college that are CAP 8 certified and you want those courses to count for the CADV Option Early Childhood Development?

The CADV BA Option (Early Childhood Development) was created to accommodate community college transfer students who previously completed CAP 8 certified early childhood units (see instructions below on how to determine which courses are CAP 8 certified). Students in this option can use a total of 8 classes (24 units) to count towards the ECD BA requirements. 

Explore the Early Childhood Development BA option overview to identify where in the requirements we accept alternative coursework (highlighted in green). 

Note- we do not accept JUST ANY child development units; only CAP 8 certified courses can be used for BA requirements (often these are the same requirements for the Child Development Permit). 

Follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your updated community college transcripts have been sent to CSUN. 
  2. Complete this Community College Course Substitution Petition form to the CADV Department office (Sequoia Hall 285) to initiate a department-level review of your proposed substitution. Page 3 includes a chart of the CAP 8 certified coursework from our local Los Angeles community colleges. 
  3. Include your updated MAP when you submit this form to the CADV department office.
  4. Wait to be notified with the results of your request. If your petition is approved, it will be forwarded to the Office of Admissions & Records so that your MAP reflects the substitute coursework.

Changing your Major to CADV

Are you interested in changing your major to CADV or even switching CADV options?

If you have less than 90 units, you can easily do this online by following the instructions here: online change of major/minor/option process

If you have more than 90 units, you can still change your major/option but you will have to use the paper form AND demonstrate in your MAP that your total units will NOT exceed 140 units if you make this change. 

Watch this video showing you how to temporarily change your MAP to see if you've taken any classes that count for the CADV major before officially changing your major: LOOKING AT THE CADV MAJOR IN MY MAP 

If you would like to learn more contact a Peer Advisor or attend one of our advisement workshops to see what extra classes you may have to complete.

Applying for Graduation

When and how do I apply for graduation?

Students typically apply for graduation one-year in advance of their proposed graduation date. As a CADV major, here are the steps to follow in applying for graduation:

Step 1: Update your MAP and plan ALL the remaining courses needed to graduate. If you do not know how to use your MAP, please watch the video under the advising resources tab.

Step 2: Print a PLANNED MAP. This means you click the button "Submit my plan" and make sure ALL sections have turned green. If you have any sections that are red, then you likely have not done this correctly.

Step 3: Complete the Application for Graduation.

Step 4: Drop off BOTH your planned MAP with the graduation application to the CADV Department Office (Sequoia Hall 285) for a faculty advisor to review and sign. The most common reason an application is rejected is because the MAP was NOT printed before clicking the "submit my plan" button. Alternatively, you can attend an advising workshop/walk-in hours and have a CADV advisor sign your form on the spot! This means you need to have your MAP done beforehand.

Step 5: Wait to be notified by the CADV office that your form is ready for you to pick up.

Step 6: Take your MAP and signed graduation application to Admissions & Records for processing. If you missed the stated deadline, don't worry you will just have to pay the late fee (plus the regular fee).

Everything you need to know about graduation can be found online here.

Apply to be a CADV Peer Mentor

The Peer Mentor Applications are emailed to all majors the semester prior to participation.

Participation in the CADV Peer Mentor program includes:

1. A faculty placement match (hours to be completed with your faculty mentor)

2. Enrollment and attendance in the seminar course

Complete the application (including your peer mentoring essay) and email it to with "Peer Mentor Application" in the subject line. Applications are accepted until positions are filled.

CADV 495 A/B Course Enrollment Application Form

CADV 495 enrolls by application and committee selection. Download the application and submit it to the CADV Department office (SQ 285) or email it to

 CADV 495 Application Form