Child and Adolescent Development

Emily Russell, Ph.D.

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Associate Professor
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Sequoia 289-D


Dr. Russell received her Ph.D. and Master's degree from the Department of Psychology at UCLA. She attended college at UCSB, and is originally from Claremont, California.

Her research focuses on language and cognitive development—and the intersection between these two processes. She is particularly interested in how the nature of the language input children receive (e.g., the types of words—or symbols—learned) shapes the course of their subsequent language development. She is also interested in how differences in children’s language experience (or abilities) influence their perception of and interaction with the world. 

Selected Publications

Ankowski, A.A., Thom, E.E., Blaisdell, A.P. & Sandhofer, C.M. (Under review).  Spatial language guides children’s search strategies: The role of language in children’s landmark use.

 Thom, E.E., & Sandhofer, C.M. (Under review). How learning experience influences infants’ symbolic flexibility.

Vlach, H.A., Krogh, L., Thom, E. E., & Sandhofer, C.M. (2010). Doing with Development: Moving towards a complete theory about concepts. Commentary of Eduoard Machery’s “Doing without Concepts”. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 33(2-3), 227-228.

Thom, E.E. & Sandhofer, C.M. (2009). More is more: The relationship between vocabulary size and word extension. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 104(4), 466-473.

Sandhofer, C.M. & Thom, E.E. (2006).Taking the task seriously: Reflections on what different ways of looking at color acquisition can and cannot tell us about how children learn color. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 94(4), 344-348.


Honors and Awards

2011 Doctorate with Honors in Teaching, UCLA

2010 Psychology Department Teaching Practicum Program, UCLA

2008 Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Award, UCLA

2007 Graduate Summer Research Mentorship Award, UCLA

2005 First Year Fellowship, UCLA

2005 Chancellor’s Award, UCLA

2005 Award for Outstanding Achievement as an English Major, UCSB

2005 Award for Outstanding Achievements as a Psychology Major, UCSB